Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thom's Ten Techniques to Quit Smoking

I admit that I’ve had a lifelong struggle with tobacco – in every form it is legal. I have quit smoking cigarettes 30 times – each time unsuccessfully. I have attempted to woo myself away from the pack-a-day habit by switching to pipes, cigars, dip and chew. It always comes back to those doggone butts. What I have discovered is this: there are a handful of significant moments and environments in the course of a day that seem to beg for a cigarette. So, my simple thought is this: if we can remove ourselves from those circumstances we have a much better chance to kick the addiction. Here they are:
1. Don’t wake up.
2. If you do wake up do not have a second cup of coffee.
3. Never get in an automobile by yourself.
4. Never have a drink.
5. Don’t play golf.
6. Don’t play poker.
7. Never become anxious.
8. Never be in the presence of others who smoke.
9. Do not talk on the telephone.
10. Don’t get married.
That’s it. I believe if you can avoid these very common situations for three years or more you have an excellent chance to kick the habit. Best of luck and enjoy your lives!


Blogger Nancy said...

There are 11. You forgot DON'T EVER EAT!

May 18, 2009 at 4:31 PM  

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