Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Where Have You Gone, Ron Paul?

I’m one of the stupid people that many in the press can’t believe have yet to make up their minds regarding the upcoming presidential election in the United States. My liberal friends think I’m voting for Ron Paul because I told them I was. However, I learned this week that Mr. Paul is not listed as a candidate in Tennessee. Yes, I have the option to write him in but it seems a weak gesture at this moment in time. Although I fully support Ron Paul’s posture on very important issues (the abolition of the Federal Reserve, the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and the economy) I must face the fact that he is not going to win. I may as well vote for Mickey Mouse, Tony Romo or Terrell Owens. The battle is joined, as usual, between the two major parties and so it is there that I now turn to find some hollow meaning. Of course, we cast our votes for many reasons: social issues, economic issues, special interests, international relations, Supreme Court appointments, unions, education and more. I have measured my personal views on abortion, funding for public education, tax policy, lobbyists, terrorism, forthrightness, safe borders, experience and success in ‘crossing the aisle’ and the inevitable Supreme Court battles to come and the latest polling figures inside my own soul indicate that McCain has a lead that Obama cannot bridge – margin of error: zero. We live in an angry and dangerous world and I truly believe Senator McCain is equipped with the experience, fortitude, intellect and rationality to face the inevitable challenges that will continue to confront freedom and democracy on this planet. Oh, and as far as the VP issue is concerned – I submit this list and ask you to judge the impact these people have had on your life: Sparkman, Kefauver, Muskie, Shriver, Ferraro, Bentsen, Edwards, Lodge, Miller, Agnew and Quayle. Happy voting!


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