Monday, October 20, 2008

Tom Cruise - Thetan

As I was signing on to my e-mail account last week I noticed a headline stating ‘Tom Cruise Is Not Dead.’ I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I read the article. Apparently a rumor had been spreading that Mr. Cruise had fallen to his death from a cliff in New Zealand. But it was just that – a rumor. Apparently he is alive and well and was spotted on the streets of Manhattan that very morning. What the article did not state is that Mr. Cruise continues to be an evangelist for Scientology. According to Scientology life after death involves continued rebirths until one consciously confronts all pre-birth, current-life and previous life traumas and realizes one’s true nature as a ‘thetan,’ an immortal spirit transcending matter, energy, space and time. So, it’s not a matter of life or death for Mr. Cruise; it’s a matter of the number life cycles he will have to endure to confront the fact that he espoused Scientology. (And then, perhaps, he will return as a good actor.)


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