Monday, April 11, 2011

The Donald (and Other GOP Concerns)

I have always voted for Republican presidential candidates although I have never been a registered member of the GOP. I have often voted for Democratic representatives during my many years in Tennessee because I have respected their intellects, fiscal policies and generally conservative postures on social issues. I’d rather not be a political person but I am. However, in recent election years the rhetoric has become so hateful and unproductive that I am doing my best to wean myself from the fray. I’ve no longer got the stomach for it. But this is not an election year and I figure I have a little time to toss out some thoughts and responses to whomever will listen.
In recent weeks the news has been filled with bait about the possible presidential bid of Donald Trump. This makes me sick. Yes, our beloved country is in dire straits but not yet that dire. Donald Trump is an arrogant buffoon who claims to be bright, attractive, capable, tough and possessed of myriad other traits that make him a more than viable candidate for POTUS. I disagree with The Donald on all these line items. I respond to him as I respond to a barker on the midway of a carnival passing through town: he is temporary, loud and obnoxious. Also, when he talks his lips mimic the lips of a goldfish floating through a small aquarium. It is not quite as revolting as Bill Clinton biting his lower lip in shallow remorse but it comes close.
The Donald is now in second place in the Republican presidential contender polls - tied with Mike Huckabee and several points behind Mitt Romney. This also makes me sick – and – for the moment, at least, hopeless. Sarah Palin is DOA (thank goodness) and I surely hope that Michelle Bachman arrives in the same manner. We do not need mindless fools speaking on behalf of reasonable and sound conservative principles but it seems there are few – if any –willing or capable of articulating these policies.
Once again, I turn to and support Ron Paul. He may very well be as unelectable as Ross Perot but every fiber in my body screams that he is telling the truth. A large dose of truth would not hurt our beloved country at this moment in time – if we could recognize it. And there is the problem: I don’t think we can. It has been so twisted and perverted by so many that the truth is unrecognizable.
The Bible states that ‘We shall know The Truth and The Truth shall set us free.’ In other words, knowledge precedes freedom. Listen closely and do your best to hear The Truth in the coming months and years. It is so terribly important.