Wednesday, August 11, 2010


It will not be long when The State of Israel will, once again, be completely alone. The United States of America – her last and final friend and protector – is on the verge of letting her loose. This is sad, tragic and prophetic. It is, furthermore, not a good omen for mankind.
If you have ever checked into this modest blog before you may have learned that I have a lifelong fascination with end-times literature. One of the projections I have never been able to square up was the notion that every nation on earth would finally abandon Israel: leave her to her own defenses. Even in my lifetime I could not imagine that my own country would fail to stand by Israel’s side. However, things have changed rapidly and I am now thoroughly convinced that The USA is about to turn away. This will leave an extraordinary, miraculous and unlikely country defenseless. Sort of.
It is not for me to reconstruct or review the myriad reasons why the general population of planet Earth has despised, rejected and annihilated the Jews. Their history is replete with infinite examples. Perhaps it was the fact that they were ‘Chosen;’ maybe because they perfected the principles of loans and banking; or could it be their intellect, talent, beauty, salesmanship, orthodoxy, etc.? I don’t know. But I do know – or, at least – believe this: they’ve got an ally and protector much bigger and threatening than any bombs, tanks, armies and countries that may align themselves against them in Megiddo. Yes, I will say it: God is on their side. He always has been, always will be.
I shall continue to be a friend of Israel and will vote against any politician that deems their cause and safety unimportant. What has transpired in that little tract of land since 1948 is unprecedented. Human beings did not make this happen. Something much, much bigger was going on.