Monday, July 06, 2009

A Roman Catholic Man in Oregon

There is a white cross sitting atop a Veterans of Foreign Wars monument in the Mojave Desert. It has been there since 1934. It has been watched over, tended to and loved since its inception. It is out of the way but situated on government land. A citizen in Oregon deems it offensive. Although he has never seen it the mere thought of driving by it at some mythical point in the future has him beside himself. He has run to the ACLU (or they have run to him) to protect his rights. This case has now risen to The Supreme Court of The United States of America.
I do not claim to know the history of this memorial other than what I have read in recent days. Those who chose to honor their family members and friends that died in World War I wished to have a cross atop this edifice. That is enough for me.
As for the Oregon man and his defenders I would simply suggest that he (and they) not go see the monument. This would save countless precious resources – including this awesome memorial.


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