Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Too Small to Succeed

I am as disgusted as the next guy by the AIG bonus grabs. What’s not to hate? It’s despicable. And I am glad it made some headlines. Now, let’s turn back to the real thieves – the hollow-headed buffoons who gave them the money in the first place and have spent the last 2 weeks grand-standing about how enraged they are about these bonuses. This is utter bullshit and, in my humble opinion, much more despicable than the bonuses themselves. Let’s examine this. I’d start by highlighting the absurdity of this oft-repeated phrase, ‘They’re too big to fail.’ This asinine statement has crossed the lips and leaked from the pens of pundits, economists, ‘news’ reporters, spin doctors and politicians over and over again for the last 6 months. Let’s start simply with our analysis: they DID FAIL and they are STILL FAILING. Further, anyone who is capable of making such a bold statement must have certainly ‘done the math.’ Please show us those calculations. Show us what the difference would have been between any of these FAILED corporations going under in legal bankruptcy proceedings versus handing them one trillion dollars of our money to patch up their sinking ships. And, if these companies are ‘too big to fail’ that suggests that there are hundreds of thousands of employees – the same employees, one would presume, that worked for them as they were failing – that continue to work there. That’s troubling.
However, I find that there is something much more disturbing than this conclusion regarding failure. If one turns this phrase into a mirror I think it says: ‘They’re too small to succeed.’ And that is exactly what recent government and Fed actions have done to the environment for small business – they have greatly reduced margins for success. And you know what – I don’t think they give a rat’s ass about it. Do you really think Tim Geithner gives a damn about your local deli, dry cleaner, mechanic or plumber? Hell no! He’s too bright to be bothered with them. He needs to be with the big boys – you know, the ones who are too big to fail. That’s where the real money is – it’s in FAILURE.
But I digress; allow me to return to the real thieves – the 535 individuals (not all, but most) who took your money, threw it at failure and thereby ruined it. Folks, please understand that they have taken money out of your pocket, out of your checking accounts, out of your retirement savings and out of your social security account. Surely you have seen it and felt it and the worst has not yet arrived. Inflation – which will arrive like tens of thousands of dark horsemen – is about to deliver the next blow – and it will be a severe one.
Do something, please. Search your community for decent individuals who have the integrity and common sense to really represent you. I don’t care what party you are affiliated with; right now, for the most part, they are all bums. Let’s replace them as soon as possible. 2010 is right around the corner. And, while you’re at it, somebody tell me where The Fed gets its money, please. 


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