Thursday, March 05, 2009

Paul Begala, The Joker and The Messiah

I was surfing the wasteland of 400 cable television stations last night after having watched some college basketball. I landed on Anderson Cooper’s 360 show who was about to embark on one of those screaming heads segments, the topic being the recent furor regarding Rush Limbaugh’s perceived rank at the top of the Republican Party. To my dismay Paul Begala was one of the two guests spewing forth his party line, liberal drivel with that perpetual shit-eating grin on his face. I’ve noticed that the punks Bill Clinton hired to work for his administration – like Bill himself – refuse to go away. Perhaps the issue that irks me the most – especially evident in Congressional hearings and on nightly screaming head debates – is the inability for any of these people to simply say yes or no. Yes, I understand they are Spin Doctors but that moniker itself is spin. The truth is they are Deceivers if not Liars. And they seem to enjoy it. Clearly, Paul Begala was having the time of his life last night during this little exchange. Cooper asked him if he and others had orchestrated a scenario with The Obama White House to undermine the impact of Rush Limbaugh and pronounce him acting head of the GOP. He said everything but yes or no, the whole while with that dipshit grin that, when broadened to its full extent, makes him look like The Joker as portrayed by Jack Nicholson in Batman. Then, as if a self-proclaimed Messiah, Begala made these two references (paraphrased:) ‘Wherever two people are gathered…I preach against Limbaugh and the conservative agenda;’ and, ‘The President has more important things to do than have a running debate with Rush. That is why God made me.’ And all this time I thought God made Paul Begala just to irritate me.


Blogger CJP said...

Batman's New Joker -- Rush

Rush Limbaugh has all the warmth, charm, kindness and decency displayed by The Joker in the recent Batman film, "The Dark Knight". Now that Heath Ledger is gone, Rush Limbaugh would be the perfect choice to play The Joker in the sequel. After all, Rush is "an entertainer", isn't he? An actor? A comedian? What excellent type-casting that would be. Rush -- the GOP Joker -- terrorizing Gotham City.

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March 5, 2009 at 11:18 PM  

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