Thursday, March 12, 2009

Follow the Money - If You Can

I have posted many words on these Journal pages regarding my total mistrust of The Federal Reserve System. To sum up my prior posts I would say this: the establishment of The Federal Reserve Act in 1913 was the beginning of the end of The United States of America and it should be abolished immediately. Given the financial sleight-of-hand over the past 6 months I believe my stern comments were delivered far too late – it’s over. America is over. Oh my, oh my.
$4,000,000,000,000 – that’s four trillion dollars. Add $780,000,000,000 to that and you will have the total cost of living in these United States at this moment in time. This is not about placing blame. If you choose to lay this at the feet of George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan or the Democrat Congress be my guest. This twisted mess is the culmination of dozens of greedy dipshits from every side of the aisle. The question is this: where is this money coming from and where did half of your savings go over the past year? Well, it went to a handful of ancient, conniving bastards who parade themselves in public as the Great Savior: The Fed. 
The Fed is a very mysterious thing, cloaked in shadows and possessed of cloven tongues that spew double-speak in its most elegant form. Federal Reserve Banks (so-called central banks) ‘back’ the issuance of money by any government in times of financial crisis. (We are not the only country that has a central bank.) What they do is encourage governments to print money regardless of the assets that government has (or, more appropriately, doesn’t have) as collateral. At the same time they begin to collect interest on the money the government has printed. So, let’s say the USA needs 4 trillion dollars. The Fed says, ‘Yes, we agree with this assessment. Go ahead and print it. We’ll back it.’ That’s all they do. And so it happens. Meanwhile, The Fed begins collecting a negotiated percentage on that money. Let’s be benevolent and suggest that The Fed negotiates a very favorable deal with the USA – an annual rate of 3%. The Fed will receive 120 Billion dollars per year in interest – no capital reduction. Who the hell are these people and why are we not finding out? This is your money, friends!
Is anyone listening? I’m going to find out. Please come to my funeral. 


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