Thursday, November 06, 2008

My Dear Mr. Alter

It is most appropriate that your Newsweek photograph is dark and sinister. The photographer is to be commended for capturing the essence of your soul. Your commentary in ‘Between the Lines’ (Newsweek, November 3, 2008) is hateful, shadowy, partisan and baseless bile. In my lifetime – which began in 1952 – the average difference in popular votes cast in presidential elections is 7.3 million. It appears that President-Elect Obama will win the popular vote by 7.2 million ballots: a very typical result. Granted, each of these 15 elections focused on current crises that arose in the ebb and flow of life on this planet. But I would point out, Mr. Alter, that there are two primary parties that make up our American political system – Democrats and Republicans. There are two parties – read carefully - because they hold different views on the appropriate way to govern. They generally differ sharply on issues of economics, taxes, welfare programs, military preparedness, the size of government and social issues – to name a few. This has been, and presumably will always be, the case. I have no doubt that votes were cast in this election based on the color of Mr. Obama’s skin – both for and against. That you would attribute any ballot not cast for him a racist vote – as you clearly did in this ‘commentary’ - is inflammatory and inexcusable. There are myriad ideological reasons that 56 million citizens voted for Senator McCain rather than President-Elect Obama. The last sentence of your article suggests that those counted in that number lack common sense and are indecent. You, Mr. Alter, are indecent.

Thomas J. Schuyler
Citizen – USA
Nashville, TN


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