Wednesday, March 30, 2011


It is not news to anyone paying a modest bit of attention to the daily news that General Electric (GE) – a massive and stalwart giant of global industry – paid no corporate taxes to the United States of America for their fiscal year 2010. This, of course, is startling. Upon brief reflection two things bubble to the surface that are deeply troubling and filled with great irony. One: the champion of liberal political thought, reporting and promotion is MSNBC. This network exists to slam conservative policies, ridicule conservative thinkers and slam conservative economics. A primary and repeated demon on the tongues of every MSNBC anchor is ‘The Bush Tax Cuts.’ ‘Money to the rich,’ they scream. Horrible, Outlandish, Archaic, Regressive, Anti-American! MSNBC is owned by General Electric. Two: Recently President Obama handpicked an individual to serve as icon, spokesperson and leader of a U. S. government initiative to assess and jumpstart our lagging economy: Jeffrey Immelt, Chairman of General Electric (GE.) No further comments.


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