Thursday, December 16, 2010

Vacuous Pimps

At this moment in time it is difficult – if not impossible – for me to fully align with any particular, US political party. If you’ve read any of my prior posts you will have perceived, no doubt, that my tendencies are surely conservative. On the other hand I find most right-leaning ‘commentators’ to be vile, loudmouth self-promoters lining their filthy pockets with dirty lucre. I have finally concluded – at least for the foreseeable future – that I must honestly scrutinize the myriad postures and positions taken by each and every politician that speaks his/her mind and attempt to determine what it is they are trying to say and for what or whom they stand.
This morning I was folding laundry and scanning through a variety of television stations to glean what was happening on Capitol Hill. I picked a great day for this assuming a great day includes a rapid heart beat, high blood pressure and a spontaneous/involuntary desire to repeat the phrase, ‘Screw these sons-of-bitches!’ The President presented a very clear and balanced assessment of our continued presence in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It was sensible and direct. This was broadcast live on every television ‘news’ outlet. Immediately after he left the Briefing Room and coverage returned to the studios the subject turned to The House of Representatives. With numerous and significant issues in front of them and a nation reeling from economic decay these folks spent the day bickering about procedure. The DREAM Act, The STAART Treaty, the extension of unemployment coverage, the tax cut compromise, continuing home foreclosures and 10% unemployment are all pounding on our door and these vacuous pimps are making up rules that are more complicated than baseball!
Frankly, I can live with any decisions they make regarding any of these issues. We win some and we lose some. That which is intolerable is the endless, back-and-forth, adolescent shenanigans and bullshit perpetuated upon our dear country. Please get off your partisan asses and get something accomplished!


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