Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 14th

I will not tell you the amount of the check I wrote this afternoon payable to The U. S. Treasury. I will tell you that it was written from an account linked to the value of our home. We had no other available cash. It was painful. Our financial life has disintegrated, significantly. Don’t worry – we will survive. It would be easy to take a shot at the head of our Treasury – Tim Geithner – but I shall refrain. I would only make this comment: I just wrote a check to my government to support the inevitable and total collapse of my government because I am a citizen and it is my duty to do so – subject to severe ramifications, otherwise –and I will continue to respect the laws of my country, on time as I have always done, even though, in doing so, I have placed my family in the road of monetary collapse because of economic policies devised by those in our government – on both sides of the ever-narrowing aisle – that have magically confused the average citizen with financial shenanigans from which many in our government have made millions – billions, perhaps – and now have the audacity and authority to take over corporations, set credit standards, publicly denounce bad management and appoint ethical overseers. As elegantly stated in an e-mail I received this morning from a dear friend following a stiff glass of tax day whiskey: ‘I could not get the image of that little Doogie Hauser-looking dweeb, that pious, tax-cheating son-of-a-bitch, that consummate incompetent Tim Geithner out of my head - I envisioned him opening my envelope and endorsing my checks and putting them in that cesspool of largesse, waste, fraud, and giveaways that is our treasury, and the vision made me wretch up a perfectly good swig of hard liquor....’ All the best…


Blogger Jonathan said...

Yeah..i just emtied my bank account and have no house for leverage.....made more than I "estimated" and spent to much on golf, baseball, travel to Thailand, and wine women, and song.....but it was worth it...won't take it six feet under yet some do....

Meanwhile, the fuckin SF Giants suck yet the Stanley Cup games are begining and that is a great distraction....what a shit team for such a glorious city


April 15, 2009 at 11:51 PM  

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