Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Call in Gay Day

This is a second post in a row utilizing a quote emanating from the gay rights community – this one as brazen and self-serving as the last. In 2008 almost 2 million people lost their jobs in the U.S. – most of them still looking and longing for employment. This figure is increasing at an alarming rate. Do I need to mention that our economy is in the tank and the global economy has sunk just as deeply greatly reducing our ability to sell our goods and services abroad? Our government is in the process of doling out dollar bills that have no value to companies that have no leadership to save products that have little purpose. Our meager savings have all but disappeared. Those of us approaching retirement age that have counted on a bit of social security are beginning to face the hard reality that it may not be there. Millions already in retirement have been forced back to work, too often in low-paying jobs that help them put food on the table and pay for necessary medications. Tens of thousands have had to give up jobs because of a debilitating illness or to take care of a family member needing ‘round-the-clock care. All types of businesses – both large and small – are closing their doors because of rising costs and poor sales. The stock market has lost 40% of its value in the past 12 months and some sectors have been depressed at a much larger rate. So, here’s a good idea: ‘Let’s have a ‘Call in Gay Day’ to protest discrimination against homosexuals in our society! We’ll all call our employers in the morning and tell them we can’t come to work today because we’re gay! In our absence it will be clear how much we are needed and they will call us and beg us to come back to work.’ As a sensitive and supportive small businessman I would be willing to extend this protest to include ‘You're Fired Day.’


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