Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Got To Revolution

Are you wealthy, never-had-a-job, aristocratic, born-to-rule, out-of-touch, well-dressed-for-any-occasion, arrogant, above-it-all, a well financed and well groomed empty suit? Welcome to the U. S. Congress!
I’d love to be able to proclaim: ‘It is high time we get back to our Revolutionary roots!’ But, alas, I’m afraid it’s always been this way. We fool ourselves to believe that America has ever been governed ‘by the people.’ Even prior to our independence the aristocrats, intellectuals and wealthy laid down the laws and created the strategies while ‘the people’ bore the muskets and died in the ditches. The tables and chairs habited in Philadelphia and Trenton during the Continental Congress were not filled with cobblers and carpenters; the learned, the lawyers and the landowners occupied them. So it has been and so it continues: those who ‘represent us’ neither resemble nor reflect us. 
Our government has continued to be populated and reconstituted by those whom arrogantly presume to exist above the muck and mire of real American life. They attempt to stretch us to the right or to the left – too terribly far on both sides. We the People, for the most part, live in the Middle. Trust no politician who tells you he or she is for the average guy. Few of them ever lived in the middle and none of them perceives themselves as average. 
What America needs are real people serving for brief periods of time: A steel worker, a shoemaker, a school teacher, a farmer, a CPA, a lawyer, a restaurant owner, an entrepreneur, a real estate agent, an architect, a web designer, a banker and more. If you doubt the intellect of a steelworker or a schoolteacher then stop referring to them as the salt of the earth on your stump and ask them if they would allow their household to owe the equivalent of $10,000,000,000,000 in debt. 
Who will take it from them? We will!  
And who are we?   We are Volunteers of America!


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