Thursday, May 13, 2010

Open Letter to the Songwriter Hall of Fame, New York

May 13, 2010
To The Board of Directors and Awards Committee of the Songwriters Hall of Fame - New York, NY
I was startled by the news that, in your profound wisdom, astute observation and elitist tastes, you deemed it most appropriate to honor Taylor Swift with the little-recognized or ever-heard-of ‘Hal David Starlight Award’ during your upcoming ceremonies. I can only hope that this was your desperate attempt at bringing attention to your organization by shining a light on an artist that has been making significant waves in the marketplace. I also hope that you are not serious.
I reviewed your prior inductees this afternoon and have noticed that you have not turned your back entirely on Nashville’s community of songwriters. I see that Harlan Howard, Willie Nelson and Loretta Lynn have been inducted into your esteemed group – and deservedly so. The precedent, then, has been established. However, I think you do a grand disservice to the hundreds of brilliant composers and lyricists that have preceded Ms. Swift in her chosen genre by singling her out at this moment. Simply put, that you will applaud the work of a singer and songwriter in her early stages is not so egregious; that you have done this while continuing to turn your backs on the scores of remarkably gifted songwriters that have preceded her is appalling. Check ‘em out – they have written circles around many, if not most of your prior and current inductees:
Bill Anderson
Jerry Chestnut
Hank Cochran
Sonny Curtis
Dallas Frazier
Lefty Frizzell
Merle Haggard
Dennis Linde
Dave Loggins
John D. Loudermilk
Bob McDill
Roger Miller
Mickey Newbury
Buck Owens
Ben Peters
Hugh Prestwood
Allen Reynolds
Bill Rice
Don Schlitz
Troy Seals
Sanger ‘Whitey’ Shafer
Billy Sherrill
Joe South
Glenn Sutton
Hank Thompson
Mel Tillis
Cindy Walker
Jim Weatherly
Thom Schuyler
Nashville, TN


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