Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Harry and The Blagojeviches

Our world is basically screwed. Economic shenanigans the likes of which have never been seen, in-fighting and prejudice on every corner, starvation, poverty, disease, dead-beats running the entertainment business, Jonathan Alter having a job as a journalist, drought here/famine there, retirements eaten up by greed, Robert Rubin having authority, Sarah Palin as a potential VP, Al Gore winning a Nobel prize, Bill’s library funding versus Hillary’s appointment, Arabs/Jews, up and down oil prices, pornography on the Internet, teen suicide, meth labs, high school drop-out rates, Rush/Rachel/Bill/Keith/Sean and ‘Billy Mayes here for the Seam-Mender.’ And now this quote from a man with tremendous authority in our government: "Mr. Burris is not in possession of the necessary credentials from the state of Illinois," declared Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada. My Dear Mr. Reid – what casino or whorehouse gave you your credentials? From Springfield to D.C. you are over-stepping the law. The Governor may be an idiot but he played by the rules. See you in court, Harry.


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